Pretty Brunette Doll

Pretty Brunette DollI noticed this pretty doll every day walking in my yard long time ago and I always wanted to have her slim body for my raunchy movies. So that day I was staying with my camera and shooting the birds when I suddenly noticed her going home! “Now or never”, I thought and approached her asking for something stupid and trivial! It was my first success when she smiled and answered me instead of turning over and walking away! I threw off reserves and talked her into spending some time with me! Perhaps she was charmed by my humor and gumption but very soon at first inaccessible babe was staying and laughing at my blue jokes and answering my intimate questions about sex and her first experience! Guess I was lucky to meet a doll looking for some fun and I was gladly surprised when she agreed to show me her bare tits. I got harder and wanted for more, as well as she did, so we found a quiet nook and I crazily fucked her tight cunt after a splendid blowjob!


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