Diana Gets Caught Red Handed

DianaThere is no fucking telling how far this fucking cunt of a housewife will go to get her thrills behind her husband’s back. This putrid human sack of whore shit cheats on her husband within the first 10 minutes he leaves for work.The very first day I went over to their home to set up cameras and spy on my client’s wife via his request, she was already fucking a younger guy.I set up spy cameras in almost all the rooms of their house Continue reading

Dildo Thief Nanny

Bella RoseNanny Bella Rose did a very inappropriate thing and here you can watch all the story. Bella gets caught stealing and masturbating with a dildo. Her boss catches her and decides to give her a taste of the real thing. Everything is in exchange for her keeping her job, so do you think she has any choice Continue reading

Rockstar Fucks Some Dude’s Wife

rockstarIt’s fucking amazing how life can be stranger than fiction. With these cheating horny shit sluts fucking around behind their husband’s backs I suppose it’s no surprise they do some fucked up strange shit. This dirty whore of a wife is fucking the pool guy which to me sounds so fucking cliche but like I said the truth is sometimes just that fucking strange. She calls the pool guy after she gets off work and Continue reading

Cheating With a Young Dude

dudeWhen This guy came into my office he asked me to spy on his wife and I immediately sensed this guy was troubled and lost. I took the case out of pity for this fucker and the moment I laid eyes on his whore of a wife I knew right away she was a fucking dirty lying slut. Big tits, blonde high maintenance looking. Anyways she comes out of the grocery store with an 18 year old kid, a fucking kid. The cougar was obviously out on the prowl and Continue reading

Natasha is a Dirty Slut

NatashaI was almost deceived by this case. I was asked to follow a guys young wife around because he suspected she was cheating on him while he was at work. The little slut is only 19 so immediately I knew she would be fucking stupid enough to fuck around. When I followed her for a few days I noticed she was hanging out with an older couple who at first I thought were her parents. Turns out I was wrong and this Continue reading

Cheating in Threesome

threesomeFollowing this putrid bitch for a week almost convinced me that she was not cheating on her husband until she went to a gym that was not her regular spot. She met up with a fucking meat head asshole who than goes back to her house and obviously gets to he fucking point. Oddly enough while they are fucking on the couch, someone knocks on the door. She answers it ass naked and the tape reveals she got the guy involved and now Continue reading

Shady Bitch Gets Caught Fucking Around

BarbaraIt fucking pisses me off when these whores make my days and nights of being a P.I. just a bit too fucking difficult. When these bitches decide to sneak behind their husbands back, there are plenty of ways of going about it, some better than others. This cunt of a shit wife was hard to track down but after I installed a GPS receiver to her car I managed to follow her back to her new fucking asshole’s place. I set up a few Continue reading