Penalized on a Railway Station

Penalized on a Railway StationOfficier: Hi Lady!
Alice: Hi!
Officier: Did you know that this is a non smoking area?
Alice: No.
Officier: I’m from security and I’m recording you smoking in this area. Please throw your cigarette away and show me your ID. I need to issue you a penalty. The penalty is 5000 Crowns.
Alice: 5000 Crowns?! Are you kidding me? I’m a student and I don’t have so much money. If is it possible, I will… Suck your dick?
Officier: Will you do that?
Well, this is a realy promising start of the conversation, isn’t it? Continue reading

Crazy White Trash Bitch

Crazy White Trash BitchNikki is a wicked and horny girl from a low-class society. With her sexy tattoos and solid body, she definitely looks very attractive. Nikki has a really creepy husband who just can’t keep his dick in his pants. When it comes to the action, he takes it out and he blows his weak load too fast. It’s finally time for her to get a really good fucking from a well-equipped man. Wolf is excactly that type of man who is compatible with her requirements! He fills that pussy and description to a “T”. Guess where she wants his sperm? Continue reading

Tanya in the Park

Tanya in the ParkI was looking for the Museum of Religion that day, but unfortunately I lost my way among all those forgotten streets, parks and squares of this strange Russian city! I must say, that I was very frustrated as I really wanted to get there. Imagine my happiness when I caught a good-looking blonde staying near the porch. I asked her for the direction but she couldn’t tell me the way. Well, it wasn’t such a problem as it might seem before! I’ve already changed my intentions and decided to get acquainted with her. This pretty east-european doll, Tanya, was in a positive mood and ready for some friendly chat. She told me about her school activities and hobbies, about her Continue reading

Real Webcam Sex

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Online Sex Chat

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She Fucks His Best Friend

She Fucks His Best FriendThis shit is classic: wife or girlfriend fucks your best friend. I’ve seen it happen multiple times, with various conclusions. Some people cut all ties, others spend the night in for battery. My retarded client here felt indulgent and tried to patch things up. First offense, right? Everybody deserves a second chance from idiots.

He felt his marriage was back on tracks, but can you really trust a whore? I set up cams back at his best friend’s apartment. He wanted to see what Jessica was doing to earn his trust back. I gave him the tapes and left him my number in case he wanted to give her a third chance…

Love Stroll About Town

Love Stroll About TownIt wasn’t a nice idea to go out and walk around this small city I accidentally got in! It was damn cold and rainy, and what’s more, I lost my way in those narrow and analogous with each other streets! Huh! You know that state when you think only about a cup of hot tea and warm bath, so I didn’t care about anything but to find my way and warm up at least a little! It was right at this moment that I saw a cute bimbo walking right ahead me and I quickly followed her being gratified by my luck! I asked her how to go to the centre of this town and it appeared we were on one way so she willingly agreed to Continue reading

Tiffany is an Independent Woman

Tiffany is an Independent WomanTiffany pays her own way and acts her own way. Although the “pay her own way” part seemed like a good deal for my client, the fact that she acted like a whore quickly soured the whole proposition.

Let it be a lesson, strong women aren’t known to hang around the house, cook and iron all day long. They won’t worship your dick for all their lives either. They want players and when my client fell off his game in the real estate market, his whore went out to find a bigger dick.